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Garage Door Repair Services in Union City, CA

Attempting a do-it-yourself repair on a garage door is a serious consideration. It's not worth the safety risk of trying to do the job yourself. Hiring a professional means not only will the job be done safely but also done properly and in a decent amount of time with little stress to you. Contact Magic Garage Door in the Union City area with any current issues you may have with your garage door.

What goes up must come down or it should and if your garage door is failing to go either up or down then it's time to call in the experts. We at Magic Garage Door can have your garage door, whether manual or automatic, operating again in no time. Your garage door, as well as providing access to your garage and home, is also a part of your home's street appeal. If the garage door you have now is not showing your home at its best advantage then it might be time for replacement rather than repair. We can do that as well.

Magic Garage Door can help with either project, whether it's getting old faithful operating correctly again or replacing it completely. We are licensed and insured which means you can rest assured when we come to repair your garage door, the job will be done right. We have more than 20 years experience and are professional and trained. We can get the job done whether that is 8 o'clock in the morning or 8 o'clock at night since we offer 24 hour a day emergency repair. We work on both commercial and residential doors and can assure you complete customer satisfaction on your timely and cost effective repair or replacement.


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